About White House Tours

In this article, we will talk about some of the important things that you must know if you have any interest in touring the White House. Touring the White House is a great experience for anyone who has the privilege of doing so, and it provides a glance into American history and heritage.


When preparing to tour the White House, there is a list of items you will not be allowed to bring along with you. These items include video recorders of any kind and bags such as handbags and bookbags. Then we move on to items such as weapons. You cannot bring with you mace, firearms, ammunition, or any pointed and sharp objects like knives. You may also not bring a child's stroller. In fact, children are not allowed to be brought into the White House; you must be 18 years old or older to participate in a tour.


When you are arranging your tour of the White House, you will need a valid photo identification card. When you arrive, the closest parking is in the spaces marked with orange and blue lines near the metro center. Restrooms are not accessible during the tour, so make sure that you have gone before beginning. The closest restrooms are at the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion.


If you or anyone in your party is disabled or requiring the use of a wheelchair, you will need to notify the officer at the entrance. They will escort you or the member of your party with the impairment to the elevators and meet the tour guide on the ground floor. For those of you who may be visually impaired or hearing impaired you should contact your congressman to let them know about this issue. Service animals are permitted in the White House.

In conclusion, touring the White House can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if you want to experience this tour, you should start planning now. Seeing the White House with your own eyes will be a much more personal experience opposed to if you watch one of the films made for people to view (made by those who received special permission to film their tour). However, these films are great and can help  you prepare for some of the things you may see and do not want to miss. They can also help you to recognize some of the things you may have otherwise looked over during your tour of the White House.

When it comes to scheduling a tour of the White House the only one who can do this is the congressman. It is up to you to get into contact with your congressman to ensure you can tour the White House. If this sounds like something that may interest you, we recommend that you try to contact the congressman for your area sooner rather than later. These things take some time, so it is wise to start planning a few months ahead. A legal background check will be done on all individuals entering The White House.  (Bruckheim & Patel) For some more in-depth information on how to tour the White House, you can go online and see some of the many videos made of other tours of the White House to help you have a better understanding of what this experience will be like.